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School of Economics ( stie) Mulia Pratama foster Accounting courses and levels of study Bachelor Strata Management I ( S1) has been acting since September 1998 to obtain operating permits / registered from the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs through the Director General of Higher Education No. 130 / D / O / 1998 on September 28, 1998.
  The steps undertaken in developing and trying to develop itself, through the management of institutions ( such as guarantees graduates received by the market / almost no unemployed) , improving the quality of human resources, curriculum development that fits the needs of the community, conducive academic atmosphere, increasing productivity and competitive efficiency, integrated information systems, and so forth.
  One alternative strategy that we did in order to face these challenges is to establish a partnership with various government agencies and private companies, mutual support and benefit.
  In addition, we attempt to provide its own advantages that practice skills appropriate to the needs of the global market and is accompanied by the ability of the other fields are adequate, with the motto: " The Spirit of Education "
Noble Vision Primary stie:
Into an institution of higher education and the development of management science and accounting at the local, national and / or international based on moral and ethical commitment and supported by sustainable resource development.

Mission of Economics Mulia Pratama:
1. Produce graduates who have the advantage of faith, piety, science, technology, and skills through quality education and research so as to compete with other graduates locally, nationally and / or internationally.
2. Develop science and technology in the fields of management and accounting through quality research based on moral and ethical commitment and supported by sustainable resource development.
3. Provide services to the entire community ( stakeholders) malalui education, research and community service.

Primary objectives Noble stie:
1) Generate economic scholars who have expertise and capabilities in the field of marketing management, banking, human resources, and production, as well as tax accounting and accounting checks.
2) Produce research products in the field of management and accounting.
3) Establish, maintain, and develop a social life in management and accounting.
4) Preparing students to become citizens have high personal integrity, open and responsive to change and the advancement of science, technology, arts, and the various problems faced by the community, especially with regard to economics and accounting management.
5) Prepare students to be human beings who have the intellectual maturity, moral maturity, mental maturity and social maturity.

Strategies / Achievement Goals Vision, Mission, and Goals:
1. Implement management academic, administrative and financial consistently refers to the pattern of quality improvement, accountability, continuous and transparent.
2. Improve the quality of education, research, and community service are consistent with the pattern of implementation of quality assurance systems and quality improvement efforts, both internally and externally.
3. Improve productivity and efficiency in the ability of its resources in order to efficiently and benefit the public interest.
4. Creating a culture of academic and work ethic conducive with regard to safety aspects of the academic staff and support staff.
5. Utilize information technology to realize the vision and mission.
6. Increase cooperation with other relevant institutions.
7. Develop campus infrastructure efficiently and effectively to spatial planning or building integrated.

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